Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So what's with the Dried Grass? I've got the Itch....

 Well these dryed grasses piled up here close to the house is Day lilly leaves and there at a good point to cut, soak a bit and then cook down for papermaking...I've got the itches..as the season change I've been doing this so long that I can throw the grasses out I've have to save them and make paper..darn bohiman blood...got to save everything.

 After book club I came home and just couldn't make the adjustment back in to the homestead so fast..I had wanted to but then I fell in to the computer and started getting my act together as the information for the weekly newsletter and creating a piece for Tack Down Tuesday it wasn't till about 6:30 still light out I put my sweatshirt and glove and grabbed the rack and yard bags and went at it.

A bit raw and rough looking but soon and I mean very soon some water and warmth and this spot will be hopping with green.  The bricks came from the roads and watermain holes shafts in Downers Grove..preserving history and up cycling them.. I'm love them.
  My yucca's are looking good this yard, I do need to trim off the underbelly of them as of gather the dead leaves because that makes some nice hand made paper too.

 Little shot here of my freebie lawn thing...I drove by this house and it was out on the edge of the curb and said free...hooked me again and couldn't pass it up. Looks pretty cool when all the growth of the flower bed is around it..I think it's made of plaster but Heck it was free..  notice the big cattail field across the street..While I was cleaning up and almost done, I heard a tussle of something and keep watching to see what it was and out popped a healthy looking Coyote, it stood for sometime watching me. Must of surprised it to see someone out as it was getting dark. I was thinking How Cool..

Yes more of the dried grasses or this time its the Iris leaves that I use for paper...got to save that too..

Well across my road..are no houses and after spend hours working out front it sure is a pain when you see people walking their dogs and they let the dogs pee on our mail box...no not just one will do it..no, no..it's every male dog that comes by and has to one up the other one...so before you know it all you plants are dead...so this is the sign I found at our local Pets Mart and My neighbor has one too because some dog owner seem to think it's a thing to do.. I've got myself a laminator and I may kindly print something out and hang it there...Like we love our flowers,  so take your dog to the other side of the street were it won't matter please...and pick up after them...Oh just a little frustration left over from last year...but need to nip it in the butt this year or I let it fester and I do stupid things..like Yell out my front door at them..."HAY!what do you think your doing?? well they then think I'm the mean lady of the block....

OK time to stay on track and check the list for the next right thing to do today...have a good one everyone.

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