Monday, April 01, 2013

So what's the Plan?

After spilling trash on the pages of my morning journal I'm grateful...seem to always be that way. Wish I could get rid of it faster or in some other way but been doing it since I was a teenage- that is the journal writing..not so much the art journaling, that I dabble in but the physical writing part. Pen to paper and words pouring out not making sense or are legible. I've has people ask me do you re read them?  No Gosh no..I don't think anyone can...the handwriting is very gestural and some days intensely tiny and other day with a grace to it that I don't know where it comes from...

So what's the Plan? I ask know the plan?  the big plan of attack that I must take.  You might think I'm crazy but I suit up as of get a dose of inspiration after all the gratitude that comes out that I start to put some thoughts in motion and plan for whats next to do to get to the list on the side bar of my blog..and I sometimes forget what I've said yes to...Like the Focus Arts Night coming up and the "Want of"  creating new works for the gallery in Algoma WI...and getting the papermaking tent out..which by the way I'll have to do some mending on..think it's got one more season in it. 

On top of it all with teaching classes and a workshop coming up...I keeping thinking of another class to teach because that's what I do think...think distorted, think inspirational, think through, think ahead, and just wander around thinking.. but always trying to keep a good attitude and perspective in there.. Now with a class I might want to wait on a bit to much I see already going on especially if I want to keep up with my walking in the woods and the yard work and my four legged friends..Oh did I forget the homestead too.  What am I crazy asking what the plan is...the plan is being flashed in my face as of Keep it Simple Sweetie,  but April seems to be the jump start for all the rest of the season...before you know it the plants will be to high and my racking back of the dried plant would rack up the new small steps is called for each day doing a little bit to tackle the's worked in the past and will work now..

Off to start Basic Design in Collage I at Mayslake Peabody Estate...looking forward to it too, now this class is already in motion.


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