Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Regroup time....

Took the second oldest daughter to the train this morning and then with dogs in the back we headed over to the Katherine Legg park for a wet run around.  Hank with his energy its good to burn off some before ever taking a wall.  He's such a sight dog (great danes) as is he uses his sight to catch anything moving before he even knows he's got a attitude about it..so funny. And Carl my faithful follower. Not many dogs at the dog park which is fine get a bit of socializing and then burn that energy off by just stretching out the legs a bit...did some creek hopping to.

Home to drop them off and then I was out the door to the woods.....Learning to keep the balance is something I try hard to do..and walking or my granny running I do is my way to reconnect to my own body rhythms.  With out sounding weird about this there's something about being around people that we do and I think it's just sharing ourselves and so many different ways which is all good but I find have to counter that with my own rhythms..even doing the mundane tasks around the house will also do that for me. But it was away to long since I had been receiving my Woods Medicine... All better now. Was good before but could feel a bit of system overload. 

Launched Tack down Tuesday and now heading to the studio to get 4 prints ready for the Trip up to WI this weekend...Heading to The Flying Pig in Algoma WI...just before you head in to Door County..Taking my Oldest with me..should be a good time..Last time My mother in law came and then it was my cousin and the first time I went by myself and then the Husband came with me one time too. So as you can till I like to go up there.

Well best bust a move...got a art tribe meeting tonight and an older member is coming back in to the group so it will be great to see and hear how she's doing and a few other members had some great time doing live painting so I can't wait to hear about that.

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