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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

slipping in my own work

 I thought I had extra letter I could cut out from the paper I made for the background but I don't so problem to be solved...right?  work with what you got and see what happens.

From the top looking down I you see the letter and yes there backwards and upside down and reverse too. I tacked them down and then did my glazing thing with the bone black acrylic and then came back in with the carbon black for the shadowing. When dried I took a sandblock to it with fine sand paper and it brought the white of the paper out.. then I cleaned that section didn't what to loose it..

While one things was drying I taped off my Cradle board and then started with a coat of polymer medium.  I need to add one more coat to have it ready for collaging with the tack iron.  This one will be the last piece of the 5 I wanted to create in the series Woman and Nature.

Three of the Four finished...like I said got one more to finish...Cracking the whip on myself there..

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