Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 1 at Naperville Art League's Contemporary Collage Workshop

 I've posted on Facebook but just in case those that don't get a chance to see that, here you go. This is a shot from the back of the room and I really think the lighting it the best in this class/studio space, never hear anyone complain.. and look the space we have. Rhonda, Gail, Vicki and Pam
 Here's Vicki and Pam.
 View from walking in to the Studio..I put clear plastic and tape it down so the newspapers weren't all over the place and the plastic seems to be doing a good job.
 We making Value printed papers.

Rhonda and Gail are rolling out color on to the paper. It wasn't till about 3:00 in the afternoon that I remember to start taking some photo's of all our progress.  I had these gals working hard. 

 I had wanted them to just roll on some solid color with all the texture and altered papers we had all ready made but I couldn't help myself and had them bring in the printing...we stuck with darker and lighter values so the papers wouldn't be to stimulating but interesting.

Kathy ran out of acrylics on her plate and paper...time to amp up the color again.

We will be finishing up some papers working into image transfers and then from there who knows..well I do I will slip in a little demo then..

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