Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sand Hill Cranes yesterday


Yesterday I headed out to the woods...and for anyone how would like to know where I walk...Old Field Oaks.  Wonderful place about 2 miles all the way around. Great! no the Best outdoor Health Club I know of.  Wonderful people out there too. I counted 19 deer and saw my oldest friend, He's the buck that had the bent antlers the year before, nice big rack he had..but not this year. Makes me wonder which I've head that as the buck hit there peek then then decrease in antler size too.. and of course become weaker as we we all do when we age.  I saw an younger buck with antlers makes me wonder.  I'll have to ask a Deer Hunter they seem to know these kind of questions.
As I finished 3 times around...been a long time since I had done that, felt wonderful to push myself.  As I came to the end of the walk and stretching out I heard them...and then I looked to the left and there they were.  A whole bunch of them flying over the oak tree branches...I was there with my mouth open and watched them glide over.   Then they started to circle and regroup, from my understanding they do this find the air  current that will guide them back up north..they have to do this quite a bit.  They don't flap like ducks or geese, they glide.  and there pretty big birds too. I think about 4 to 5 foot tall when walking around.  When I can I go to see the other cranes in Baraboo WI.  Love it, I always feel blessed to be in the presence of these birds.  
So as they circled and cooed there wonderful sounds I was thinking what a wonderful day already, came home and walked my dogs and just was in a state of bliss the rest of the day.
Well off to de clutter some more of my homestead and do some much needed cleaning.. 


  1. What a treat !!!!
    A joy to behold.
    Happy Weekend, Laura !


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