Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Back Home with Snow on our heals

 Hopkins Art Center in Hopkin's Minnesota..as you can see no snow, but we left yesterday early with the scare it was coming.
 I had an hour to present which is one of my toughest things to do..that is cut it down to 1 hours..I ended up going over and had to cut into Louise's time...Sorry honey at least had to cut the tape off.

Randy and I were able to slip out after the demo and venture to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for about an hour before they closed for the day. That was special to me as He wanted to find something I would like to do..what a supportive guy... now I'll have to go to a Motorcycle show or something and be as support to him. Not that we keep score but it is nice when you mate can support the things you love.

Here is a small piece I finished this morning after the Tack Down Tuesday. I've been working the free flow collaging and now bring that into some Abstract landscapes.

Off to frame up the some things clean up the studio and move on with other art projects Call my name loudly...got some deadlines Yikes!!

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