Sunday, February 24, 2013

A bit of this and that...with books

A call for artist was sent out on line a while ago and the title of the show was Exhibit No Fear. The Exhibit was also on line and then Dale Copeland the author and artist put this book together and it's up for sale on her site.
Faith in the Unknown is my piece that is the book.  I looked in my records to see if I sold it and I did but I was sloppy with keeping records as I don't have the name of the person how purchased it...Caught up in the moment and then a new day went by.. so hard to keep up with all side of this dream I have of being an artist and all.

Here's my page in the book.
 I've been staying stead with my progress but I realized I needed a new morning journal for my morning pages and I got busy with using some scrap piece of collage paper.   Polymer the left over watercolor paper backing board from the empty pad, I used it for the covers.  Then I was able to just tack it down.

 Sloppy back ground as my work station...till I can't stand it then I get a new sheet of form core to work off of. 

Here's my 13 with another layer added.

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  1. Laura,
    Congrats on the book. How very exciting! I love hearing about your journey as an artist and seeing the work that you share with us.


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