Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Artist Talk and Opening North Central College

I have only one picture to share at this point and proudly with Ian Stevens. His wife Laura (too) took the picture of us together by my one piece, As a Crow flies and behind us is Flash Back. Ian is working on a college paper for his one class and he needed to find a piece of artwork to study while in class and going to the city while working a full time job it a bit much to handle so he looked up North Central College and found my work...Is that Sera?? you know Serendipity or what? 
I really enjoyed meeting him and his wife, he has picked this piece As a Crow flies to study.  
I was so nervous but then not...because I read that who better to talk about your work then it's great to go back in to the piece and series and pull from the source of their first inkling of an idea and why I did it or started it..I tried to say to the point and not pull the details of technique to save that for class.
I was over surprised to see all my friends and family members richly delighted to see them all..and a few from the college too. Nickole the gallery director here at the college is wonderful to work with and so far the experience has been word for me lately..I know late on the usage but really it's just so awesome and a blessing too to be doing what I do...not always easy and many months without any idea of income but it's called living a dream.
Thanks all for coming out last night with how cold it's been.


  1. Laura

    I love that you posted the photo my wife took of us. We both loved the exhibit and I am looking forward to writing my research paper on your work. Thanks


  2. Absolutely beautiful piece and an exciting evening, Laura!


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