Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stained Tissue papers

Stained tissue papers is nothing new to the paper scene... in fact a wonderful elder, Carrie Burns Brown was the one I learned this from. She has a wonderful DVD.
Here we have a Trash bag as an underlament for the tissue paper and also to help us carry to another area to dry. I cut my trash bags to a bit larger then the cut tissue paper.  Now tissue papers that I use are on the link above with Carrie Burns Brown but you can use regular white tissue paper...No colored ones as they may bleed not so nicely.  The object is to make an artist material and this way you can with using artist materials to make the papers.  Here you see just a single sheet of tissue paper. Wonderful lines and organic bubbling will happens. Great for collage work.
Sticking to equally parts at first till you master the stain theory then as you work with more you can add on...Acrylic fluids work best but if using acrylic from tube water it down first.  Then add Polymer medium and water..  Remembering you want stain so you may have to add more water or polymer.
Marianne is working with a nice plum purple on her tissue papers.
If you see in this photo's the string being used that will form a nice grid effect to the papers. But you have to get the layers just right for it to stick well and the stain to soak through to the very bottom.
Martha has done it here...she asked herself, "what if I used this netting as a grid"  and I'm so excited for her to see what the paper looks like after it dries.  Well done Martha. Creating art is about exploring and experimenting.
Nancy is adding the last bit of water spray on before she brings in the stain...the water helps the later attach together before the stain comes on and by it being wet already the stain can flow nicely.
As a reminder for the use of a Heat seal iron to fuse your collage papers both sides of any paper I use has to be coated with Polymer Medium Gloss by Golden and the surface of the substrate.

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  1. Laura, I love your work, but I have a cool technique for staining multiple sheets of tissue. many more results and less time. email me

    Pam Sanders


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