Saturday, January 12, 2013

Over Coffee ???

Ask me why I share this....good question.

The weeks have been very active with my own beginning of the new year stuff and my mother in law's surgery, keeping an extra 4 legged who is  high energy. (and I wanted another Great Dane, and chickens-Reality..can't fit it all in)   All is good, fact is for right now it's the new normal...acceptance of your situation and making the best of it...And were doing it..

Juggling the plates, and keeping them spinning remember that image...Well I feed off that energy and I have days off where I crash and spend solitude in the woods or even half days and my studio time helps me balance it all out..

So back to the over the coffee, You see with all that's been going on not once but twice now I've not had a stock of coffee in the house...not that we are super coffee drinkers (about two cups is a good limit) but we love to have it in the morning and still be in our pj's and not have to run out for it.  You know... got a routine going.

The husband had a man hissy fit..and then other things rumbled out and you know one things leads to the other..and it was all over not having a supply of coffee.  Never just about the coffee...there's always something else but that was the straw that dump the whole pile down..

I've been busy with getting my year started, extra things starting up and things needing to be sent out and over all more of my time needed in other I wasn't up on the coffee supply.  As of other things that run out around the homestead through out the week.

and from his side of the whole morning...his job= jerky bosses not sure how the long the company will last..head games the boss play and over all whats the next step, and where is my life going and it's not what I thought it would that's my observation not sure if it's really where he was coming from...but you can tell the friction just waiting to get started.. And we made the friction happens with some choice words...hate side of things..

Couples and good relationships go though moments like this...And from 30 years of living with each other and house full I know that it would soon pass.  So I had planned to walk before I went to hang the exhibit at North Central College and that's just what I continued to stone the day before was "Walk it Off" and yesterday it was "Breathe"..and today it is "I am Strong"  so I put all that in to motion and walked off my emotional state to the end moment of what was I all upset about and I did breathe in the woods I worked at staying present and  I kind of played a game of looking at the lines and what was happening with them...I little did I realize I was looking for some natural design for my next big piece or shall I say of this series the last one 36 x 36..I've picked a collage sketch to pull from as a base for this and the Old golden rod stem leaning over with the repeated leaves hanging limply down caught my eye I feel that I can use that image some how in my next piece.  I left the woods with a clean heart and mind...Also despite the Cootie stage earlier of the day with the husband as left me with the compassion and love...I really do love the guy and even more these days and I see he struggles as a man in this environment we live I let it on to hanging the exhibit. 

All went well..I do have a tendency to have it planned out and read to go...I like a smooth entrance and a smooth exit...keep the drama low about it all and let the work speak..kind of my reputation when I hang a show..Oh don't get me wrong I hoot and haler about it that's publicity and I wear a differnt hat for that..but as of working with the people/gallery directors..I like to keep it simple.

I was even able to stop in to pick up the list of people for my workshop in April (7 already) ...Need to contact them as they have to make plane reservation and hotel stays too. Dang this is exciting in it selves and for Naperville Art League them and me...(really jumping in side)

New things for this launch of a new size for the Tack Down Tuesdays with mat and frames.
Giving private lessons
Small weekend retreat for myself at the end of the month..spiritual
Seeking some mentoring for myself to keep things guided in the right directions.
Road trip to Minniapolis Minnesota for demo with Dillmans in March.
Sticking to Weight Watchers, week two and lost 12. 6 lbs...not the hard part begins...a 1/2 pound a week but I feel better  hips don't hurt, system very normal, I can bend over with out extra body in the way, and I feel I'm doing a good thing for my body..

I want to be able to continue this all a creative career in the arts and if the body's not keeping up with the mind and heart in this...were will I be.. So I'm on a journey of my own self discovery and recovery from my self-sabotaging behavior...sound strange?  Well not to me my intuition is speaking loud through nature and with the rocks "I am Strong"  and a woman hear me Roar!!!

OK that feels good it's been a while since my goofy time to Crack that whip...and get the energy started.


  1. Everything sounds good...and WW, huh? Wonderful! Did you join online?

  2. Yes it's all good...even breakfast at Moon dance Only was 4 point for the Health nut breakfast...I've had to admit I lost all the weight on WW. and Yes I'm doing the on line one April and got the rest of the girls in the homestead doing it too sure helps.

  3. Celebrated 43 years of marriage in Aug so believe me, I understand! I tend to quote Billy Grahm's wife when asked about divorce...I have never thought about divorce, but murder sometimes. You probably know what I mean. LOL A friend started me with weight watchers a few weeks ago and I like this new one. I did it online several years ago and was semi successful, but with this new one I think I can do better. Good luck!! Oh, and please say hi to Hank for me. :)

  4. Anonymous3:21 PM

    thanks for the honesty Laura. I can relate to much of it. Smart of you to keep your cool knowing it would soon pass. It's good that he can vent to you; work can be so stressful, especially when bosses are on power trips.
    Your goals for this year sound great! Congratulations on the April workshop.

  5. thanks everyone for sharing it's import to work through this real life stuff and keep moving forward..there was a point when I wouldn't so great growth has happened.


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