Saturday, January 19, 2013

New work back from the photographer

 I've been work in a series after the faceless people series now and I need to make one more to finish this series.  I got and purchased 5 of the panel boards 10 x 30 and had 5 of these images of women that I wanted to bring into a cross with nature and now where they are and how we need each two worlds we live in.

Here's the other three one more.. I think I posted these just last week or so..sorry for the repeat..  These three piece will be on exhibit at the North Central College "Layered Expression" Exhibit of my work. Along with about 24 other piece in total. Tuesday night is the Reception from 6-8pm.

 This piece was called Hope Floats...was is meaning it's sold..the works with the grays and stitched work seem to be the ones that people relate to... 



  1. I really like the third one. So moody and peaceful at the same time.


  2. I love these Laura. I was lucky enough to see your work in person, and I must say no photo could do your work justice. There is so much gorgeous depth and detail to your art. I could look at any piece of yours for hours!


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