Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a few more photos from class yesterday

Marica, Kathy and Nancy are outside the Naperville Art League's Back door and we were graces with a period of no rain so we could work on our Nevr Dull Collage papers. Worked out find for us.
Just a few stencils I've collected over the years and more get added and others it's time to let go of...they've seen better days.
After lunch it was time...yes time to collage finally.  So not all of everyones collage papers were coated and ready to go so I know this was going to happen.  I brought in my box of scrapes which I had everyone take about 5 good sizes piece to use for their collage exercise. June she's our funny one of the bunch...She could eat up all the papers there she said. I know hard to make heads or tails of things but the table was filled with scrapes.
Lenora...I love her determination...She has stuck with it and I have to say accomplished a nice landscape collage exercise.
OK, who's leaving with a big smile on her face?  Now that's a Happy Camper.
The blue painters tape is around the edges of the watercolor paper. it creates an area afterward that lends itself to a nice finished piece.  The mastering of cutting off the tape is a challenge and if ones that are experienced, like myself cut through..but if you do you can always save it and mount it on a new piece of watercolor it may have been calling for it from the start..who know in the creative just got to go with it.

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  1. Loved your presentation at CASA in Tucson. Would like to know if online class is similar to /same as the workshop you gave in Tucson. Also, question: You mentioned a "low tack" tape from Uline; could you post the name/item no.? Thanks, Laura


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