Monday, January 14, 2013

For Class tomorrow

A while back I hiked around Danada Forest Preserve in Wheaton..and even climbed a big hill I've been wanting to do and did that too. The Draft horse there really caught my eye.  Little did I know I would be using this image for reference.  Now I'm not sure if you can see the lines I've drawn in there and around the horse. Those Lines are to help break down the image and simplify the composition. 

Now in the collage sketch book I was able to use the magazine, glue stick and some scissors to create an abstract landscape with the horse in it..First sketch.
This is the compositional layout from up above but I switched it up a bit with using a different shape instead of the draft horse.  Had some fun with it. 
Pale Pony
12 x 36
Collage on canvas.

I wasn't feeling well today and didn't get out of my nightgown till about 12 noon. Something came over me yesterday with such great pain in my neck and at my very upper chest...I actually was afraid and thought I might be having a heart attack...Dang I thought not time to be sick..I've got class tomorrow..crazy creative as I am..that's all I could thinking I laid around..what's so while is my stone said "be still" I took that advice for real.  Well by the end of the night I was starting to feel more movable and not like I was going to die. This morning I was still not myself all the way but I decided to get moving on my piece for class tomorrow. I had an idea to make this long abstract with the horse... I was thinking about the move Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood too so with the papers I had made already I started at 7:30 with a lunch break at 12:30 and back at it by 1:30 I completed this piece.  I really pushed myself to do this as of I don't normally make my animals like this but I kind of like it. 

What a difference from the photo..and it should be Abstract is something that has been one thing and now is something else.  I've added my own twist to things and feel I've accomplished what I set out to do. 

I'm all packed for class not to type out a class agenda so we have something to flow or use a guide. 

And still not up to par but a heck of lot better..


  1. Wow, I can't believe how you started with that photo and ended up with the painting you got! I am now SO inspired. Thank you for your great blog posts.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for stopping by, Wasn't sure how I like this one I had more fun making and now it's done ...or it was the long hours in my nightgown in the studio I liked...I'll have to do that more often ..go productive happens...



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