Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big day today.. with found papers

This is Kraft papers and it has gesso spread out on it and then a tile spreader or trowel was used but things like hair combs and and found object that can be dragged through the thick gesso will create these great marks.  Next week we will add color.
Gesso is an non expense white artists medium used to prime substrates such as watercolor paper, canvas and other boards. Most canvas that you buy at our local art stores are primered already.  Now you can use White paint for this effect which is called resist, but it might be a bit more expense then the gesso.  Here I just use a cap and stamp in the shape. You can bring it to any level you want have some fun with it..
You can use found papers like maps, book pages, sheet music and even lunch bags. I've also use the kraft papers from my art supplies that are ship to my home. 
Did you know collage artists were the first recyclers? Well they were using what they found laying around...or now we can look in your recycle bin and repurpose some of stuff in there to make papers with for you collage...you don't have to buy expense papers.
Class today started at 9:30 and we had a full class.
I took a picture of the class so we can see how much space in the studio room We still had room to walk around.
Now lets see if I remember everyone's name, We have Lenora and April.
And Lisa and Re both past student of mine.
We have Nancy and June...best buds who carpooled in together.
and here is a lively table, Marcia leaning on Diane
Kathy a Naperville Art League member and missing from the picture would be Mary, who had to leave early. I'll catch her next week.
And Martha being very creative and using a regular fork for scribing in the gesso on the found paper.  And Marianne working with I think the coffee ground papers or she was working with some other object getting ready to scribe in to the surface of the gesso.
And Elaine is brushing on the polymer and used coffee grounds for the coffee filter papers.  a bit sticky but looks great in a collage because its transparent and works well for pushing papers back or adding some interested with layers.

We all play good and hard today and everyone one left with smiles on there faces...next week we work with stained tissue papers and possible some magazines...We're building the palette to create from because that's what good collage artist do.


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