Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back from my Spiritual Woman Retreat

Well got there around 4:00pm and the grounds are amazing, Old woods area and the station of the cross set up for the people that would like to walk that. Plus this awesome are for Mary and all the story stuff for her.  Snow had cover the walk way but I ventured out as much as I could with out going to far.  That need to explore and see where I'm at..kind of like gaining footing and grounding.
There was a good 40 woman there from around the area.  Food was catered in and was awesome..Very tasting and hit the spot. The rooms were pretty much separated unless requested. I got a inner room so that meant no windows.. Oh my gosh...that felt like a bit of prison but I soon adjusted to it all. As you see this is a very old Spiritual retreat place and use often.  Then even on the second floor is a Chapel and they had mass yesterday around 4:00 I believe, some went. Cute Father Blaze... Back to the rooms...well the beds were very stiff, people that came before brought more bed roll stuff but I just brought my sheets and a blanket and slept quite well. Lots of people like to stay up late but not this girl I went down around 9:00 pm and up by 4:30 am. There was a lot of character to the place and to all the women there..Awesome really it was. It's hard to be in a group of woman sometimes when there's the catty stuff going on but not this group..there seem to be a connection to a something deeper..Sisterhood I guess some would call it. We listen and listen to what people were will to share with each other...such rich raw and real sharing...Love it.
Everyone morning I took time to do my journal writing and some meditation reading I have and then I would head out for a walk. Well before I know it on Saturday morning I was gone for a good hour and a half and walked off the property and found some back woods that then lead me to the back side of Cog Hill..Lemont IL. that's right wasn't to far from home.

You know I'm not going to go to far in to the whole retreat it's personal between my understand of a loving Guidance in my life and myself... I tried to explain it the husband and I think it didn't go over very well.  But from my experience I find something like this keep revealing itself as they say More is Revealed as you go along and as you need to really know.

As you can see I brought my collage sketch book and enjoy my time in the morning at dinning hall with a cup of tea or coffee and (depended if the coffee was done) and sat and made a collage.  it was great most of the time I sat there in low light and creating with a open heart. 

My serenity you know the peaceful state you can find in you life has been jumbled now and then and I'm seeking ways to work and keep that serenity.  Walks in the woods, journal writing but there seems to be a need to seek...a deeper connections so this opportunity came up and I went for it.



  1. Glad you went for it. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for reflection and growth.

  2. I'm glad I did too.

  3. I know of what you speak. Getting to that deeper, grounded connection is such a gift. And I think women who go there are brave and brilliant souls that bring brilliant gifts back to the world !


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