Saturday, December 29, 2012

Journal finished

Quick little photo this morning of the journal I finished last night.  It takes me about 2 hours with drying time for the cover to complete this...I'm thinking of making a up few extra to have on hand. I usually make them for myself when I get on the to the last signature the journal I'm using. Not sure if I will kind of willy nilly with what I'm doing lately which is a bit scary but not...I'm usually on task whipping myself to move forward but been enjoying some lunch dates and walks in the woods.

Two days ago I went out to Yorkville for a visit with my cousin Doris and we chatted a good while catching up on things and then we went to a Nice Forest area..Richard DeYoung is a man that lived out in that area and we dedicated to the environment so when he passed the called this area by his name.  Always love to see the lay of the land when walking in the woods now...most of the time you can see where things are but you can see pretty far now with everything all dry and brown.

Then yesterday walked and talked and talked and walked with another friend in the woods by me where I go...I pulled out the walking poles...with a bit a snow out there sometime things are a bit slippery and I didn't  want any of that to happens.  We then went to a new place in the mail called Mago Catina and Grill or something like great food and so fresh but then it could be the winter walk that got the appetite all up and excited.

Today I take down Christmas...I have the time in the schedule to do that and not one really minds in the house..And tomorrow I have to take down the exhibit at Caribou month, I then need to drop off a piece at LaGrange Art league for the next months exhibit. 

I say ideas are floating around in my head left and right...projects that I didn't get done or even started this year...all good ideas too, just can't do it all so this year with wanting to learn canning I will have to put something on the back burner and other things let go till it's there time.  Not sure if I'm going to do art fairs...right now I don't want to think about it but it's the time to do just that.. Crazy having to look at the Zapp site and up load new image and then submit to art fairs this year. Well for today I don't have to deal with it...just taking down Christmas and picking up the house...Homestead kind of day...thankful for that.


  1. That journal is awesome!! I hope 2013 will bring you all sorts of happy surprises and many hours filled with the delight of creating! Happy New Year!

  2. What a nice week you've had! Oh, and how I love those journals! I am drooling...

  3. Beautiful journal!

  4. Thanks Robin..I wish you the same..there's a good feeling in the air for some awesome Creative inspiration to be shared.

    Yes April...I just looked at the book shelf I have of morning brain drain journals and I've got a row of them...didn't realize I had made that many almost one a month..kind of cool to see the stacking of them.

    Hi Mary busy lady you. Hope all is well in the new studio and the great adventures you've been having..hope to see you at a fair again. best of this year to you.


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