Monday, December 31, 2012

Excited for the New Year...

I had wanted to take pictures of my studio and the process I was having in there yesterday but decided not to...I put in a full 6 hours up there..folding paper for another journal, coating the big canvas, preparing a 10 x 30 for a series I seem to have abandon a while ago that I truly want to finish. (checking in on unfinished projects)  Got some ideas on that hope to execute it today but need to pull out the sewing machine and sew some papers.  This way it ties the piece together besides the image of the woman on there.  Colors and my stacking rock image will be there. 

I can't tell you how excited I am about rejuvenating my focus. This happen when I look at New Year ahead and what I would like to try differently what I would like to keep the same and adding some twists and turns in there for adventure and excitement. 

I'm really enjoying the book by Gail a new fire under my seat here.  And with all other stuff out there on How to's marketing and being an artist and the many streams of income.  I still believe I'm barely hitting the load of it all and excited for the unexpected things that come up. But turning to deep feeling that I'm being guided is where I have to stand.  Walking my own path, taking leads from this person or insight from another I have to bring it in and see if this will I know? Never really just going on the Gut know Intuition. 

I don't have to do what I'm doing that is being an artist trying to sell her work and presenting workshops or class for income but it what I love to do and in by doing that I learn and share and become part of the service that make the world go around... I have a job or many of them in fact..and I've got to look at that a bit more seriously with the goofy gumption of a creative spirit and stay focused.  I can't toy around and be willy nilly with things..Oh I would personal love to let it flow off of me when ever but the facts are Jane and Jack I need to keep this as my job...and in having this mind set I will need to make it exciting and happening for me too. So looking into not as much craziness but with more gusto when it happens.. Rambling again...can't help it ideas keep flying out..

I'm going to leave my rambling at that and get a move on the day early get my walk in and start on the day.

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