Friday, November 16, 2012

Results of solitude

Buck yesterday on the path, he went in smoothly to the tall grasses there to the right and stopped...I actually couldn't see him he blended in so well.  but as you can see the antlers are 4 on one side and some deformity on the other side. I read that each year the antlers grow, as of more points till about the 5 years and then the energy of the deer isn't at it's prime any more. But will seek still to find his harem or a single mate for the season.
Deer Medicine

Cut the path for the others; face the fears with love and gentleness.
A Fawn’s coat is of light and dark; use both gentleness and safety for seeking peace
Seek the gentleness of the spirit to heal all wounds. Stop pushing so hard to change, love them and our self where we are. Be warm and caring, connect and our will be guided.

Be aware that I might be courting my fears, negative ideas-stinking thinking.
Force is not the best idea

My thinking becomes distorted by trying to force solutions.

Am I able to love myself enough to feel the fear and let go?

Love is the key!  Love and compassion

Be willing to find things about yourself to love and the demon will melt away.

Fear cannot exist in the same place love and gentleness abide.

Unconditional love, no strings are attached

The gentleness of fawn is the heart space of the Great Spirit which embodies his love for all.

Many stories of the deer have been told of luring people into the woods to begin a new adventure.

White Hart’s  White tail deer Central religious image of Buddhism

Antlers are the symbol to a higher connection- attunement-aware

6 points 6 years stimulates gentle growth -primal wisdom.

if Deer shows up look at our role of traditional family unit, Have I trailed off or far?

Time to be gentle with myself and others.

 Am I trying to force things?  Are others?

Are you being too critical and uncaring of yourself?

Gentle love to open new doors.

Ramblings from a few books of mine about the animal medicine of a deer...I've been encounter them heck of a whole lot on my walks.. And I decided look into it a little and just see what I've been ask to look at.

Little by little I've been working on my mask and this is start...I honestly don't have a plan but there is this feeling I would like to express and I'm hoping it will come across.. the row of crows....hmm what is that all about and the one big crow on the left me I don't know yet...


  1. Oh, love all the deer you see and all the info! And a mask! Nice; can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Hi Laura - I'm your newest follower and a fan of your work.

  3. Hi Meri...where you from? any where close in IL.

    April, I think the Deer are one of my I seem to connect with them.


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