Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Helping in some way or another

Seth Apter is a Mixed media artist and has a very successful blog with many published book he also lives in New York...we corresponded a few times over the years and I will have a piece of work published in a book of his coming out in December of 2013 I believe. But that this time he's asking for help for the city of New York, you can check out how that you can help by hitting this link, The Altered Page Some very amazing artists are make donations of there book and artwork in nice little bundles...At this time I'm just passing this on in hopes of sharing as more people see this it will make a difference in a very big way.

All the homestead chores are done, cake is baked and even a cherry cobbler was baked. My oldest daughter is cleaning out her room and came across my most favorite tea...Sassafras tea..oh is smells and takes so great.. What a treat. Walked this morning though had a hard time getting a hormonal things going on...dropping everything I touch...even dropped my cell phone and cracked the glass on it...darn it but it still works but for how long don't know.. ups and downs of life...some how we always can look up right?


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  1. Thank you so much Laura for getting the word out!


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