Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A list a mile long but taking care of myself first is a plus..I'll be heading to the woods shortly and then a few other stops then back home to do the last minute cleaning. 

I've spent some time this morning updating the word information my website now I need to add some photo's but that will have to wait. 

My work will be in the American Art Collectors magazine...nothing big actually just a small image of my one piece.

it will be feature with the other artwork in the Xanadu Gallery add. Might be nice someday to have work in a gallery like that.  And I made contact with my Gallery person at North Central College yesterday so the dates are set and I sent her this image of my work to be put on a postcard.

Just picked it up at the photographers, yesterday...I was excited to see it.  I finished it and dropped it off so quickly last week that I really felt I need more bonding time with it...some expansion  for myself is happening with pieces like this and I know what it is, My simple crayon marks..I love them..sounds strange but I really brings great joy.. Can't wait till after the holiday here to get back up in the studio.

Well you'll have to check back with the Xanadu Gallery home page...because they will change the add shortly I'm sure and you can see my part in the add...had to pay for that of course but it's a start.

Might do another mask too.  Well best bust a walking move and then the cleaning lady move..



  1. Congratulations Laura!! I'd say that's BIG news!! Let us know when the magazine comes out, ok? Have a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Congratulations -- you've been busy. And the work pictured is lovely!


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