Monday, October 22, 2012

Some personal Highlights

On Sunday morning before the second day of the working in Freeport IL. I just had to do a morning Nature fix.  So put my GPS on and punched parks and this popped up so I head there to take a peek.  Some Killdeers and Crows, flock of small birds, which I couldn't see, no binoculars with me. And then I was surprised with a fly over of an Bald Eagle from what I could tell. Can't miss them..White head and tail. 

I went her after the husband came in the night before and shared dinner with us woman from the workshops at a nice Italian place close to the hotel and then he head off early to the west and made it to the Mississippi River and took that down a bit and ran into some wonderful people too and sat a table with a family because there wasn't enough seating for everyone. So glad for him that he had a nice solitude motorcycle ride...We need that now and then to sort out our thoughts and lives.

well off to book club...and then to the studio up pack and get my studio back and ready for packing again..just so happens I have another 1 day workshop at LaGrange Art League.. busy time but living the dream..and loving it. thankful too.

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  1. ooops posted below about your walk. Pretty photo and exciting sitings!


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