Friday, October 12, 2012

Road trip or no road trip...?

itching to go...and I mean take a trip but not sure if that is a need to run away from things or just to get away..the Husband suggest going to Indiana to see the Cover Bridges but I was thinking of going to's calling to but he's not sure about work as of..bosses don't let ya know if there's a job for the weekend till today so we are in the unsure mode of we will be going any where..

Yesterday it was a joy watch the four legged loves run free amongst the other dogs...Carl my elder stays close to me and behind me when he doesn't feel to friendly..also he has a bad back and that makes it harder for him to jump and romp around..  We just noticed a few round lumps on him..which isn't a good sign...seems to be the what the four leggeds go as of cancer or something like that...but we are keeping him exercised and happy so we should have him around for awhile...Yes I know hard to talk about that but it's reality and best be honest...

As I was walking/granny running in the woods, I couldn't help but think how luck I was to be able to be out there experiencing the sights, sounds and smells.  The winds were you really couldn't see them but evidence of them is more like it...the tall grasses bowing and bending in a current and the geese flocking over sign of the sand hills yet.  Soon though. 

Spent some time in the studio and fitting a bit of funk but figure it will pass...and it did, still showed  up though for the time in the studio and made some progress on the piece I'm working.. not as fast as the other pieces I was working on before the solo show at LaGrange.

I've been started the Julia Cameron book Prosperous Heart and which lead me to wonder what happened to Amy Dacyczyn she was the author of The Tightwad Gazette books and newsletters that I would receive when raising my family many 17 or so years ago.  check out the site and video
Brings back memories of some hard, loving, creative and very rich times.

So I can head to the studio or out walking or just play hooky today...up for grabs...

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