Monday, October 01, 2012

Images of the exhibit

 Window glare....I didn't hang the pieces didn't like the way it played swing in the air.

 Hard as heck to see the art in the window, grateful for the white signage.

 Looking in from outside..informations about my workshop.

 From the outside looking in again...small signage with my artist statement on it.

 boy the person that was taking the pictures was a bit off...little off balance..

 From the fron door when you walk in..light was down. 

 Each artist receieve this opportunity can exhibit in the front window and you get 3 1/2 panels with a bump out panel too.

 Bit closer.
and the bump out panel and my misc stuff with some bin work too.

Reception is this Friday Oct 5th at 7-9pm  hope to see you there.



  1. Looking fabulous!

  2. Laura very admirable your blog is a pleasure going through your blog.
    Greetings from text and Reflection Abstraction

  3. Wow, Laura, this looks great. Hope I can make it Friday to see it in person

  4. Thanks All, Hope to see you too.


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