Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hodge podge of rambles...

As you devote your attention to the undertaking before you today, you’ll likely cease ruminating on future uncertainties.
Well that was part of my horoscope this morning...I check the Daily OM seems to be spot on for me and wouldn't you know it "rumination on the future uncertainties" is where this girl is silently at...
The good craziness of the year and pushing hard plus the change of life going on body wise I've been right there ruminating in uncertainties.  The husband's job is worst roller coaster out there, or shall I say the bosses...there in their own uncertainties...kind of carries on like a bad virus.. How do you snap out of it. 
I've always had my moments as a woman and one that is always busy with some thing thinking there's way to work thought this and get by and fix or lately not feel the uncertainties..but truly the only things is to trust in a my own personal relationship with a some good orderly direction and that direction is guiding me to Be Laura and Be Still in the day at hand..As I'm learning form the newest artist way a simple mantra is "God's Got it"  how easily I forget that...I'm not a very religious person but I do believe and with that some great things have happen. so of that today is about today and being present in the day and I have a awesome day set up...and I do mean set up, 12 woman are going to trust this crazy gal to lead them on a play session..and I do mean play session as we create papers to use in a Mini Collage Abstract...I love these easy going and great fun and with the most bang for you buck or effort as some would say.
This is a mini abstract collage landscape, the final size is 3 x 9 but the watercolor paper is 6 x 12 we tape the side while work on them and cut the tape off after we done tack down the coated collage papers.  We will be creating the papers this morning and collaging this afternoon creating some wonderful attractive abstract landscapes.
 Our humble home as you can see still no floor but plywood and unfinished walls but we're a happy family and that's what keeps us going..not the material stuff. Well it would be nice to have some walls thought, as I have art for them..hahhaa. I had to take a picture yesterday while was making chicken noodle soup...Hank and Sophie were laying together in the sun of the new back door.. Sophia won't put up with any dog in the house...she'll give it right back to whom every sticks a nose around but this was an heart tugger for me to see.
 Can you see Hank toy box in the back there, nothing special just a wooden box full to torn up stuffed animals, bones and use to be Louie's, now it's Hanks...he roots in there at about 8:00pm each night and brings me his chosen toy or tug device..

Being Larger breeds like Greyhounds, Boxers, Great Danes and a few other don't have a double coat of hair they can loose there heat fast and during the summer can over heat...Just like a cat he lays in the sun.. and the animals love our door system as it's all glass from ceiling to floor so their not missing a thing when looking out..  I'm a terrible window cleaner but I have got to see out side on all side of the house well close to that..

Well as you can see I can load up photo's now on my blog...after seven years of almost daily blogging and posting of photos from classes, workshop and whatever's I hit my limit allotted to us blogger google people that is freely offered to had to clean the clutter...was jamming up the free flow here.  I deleted my collage technique page and about 4 years of back blogging..

Really now I'm not all that important to save all Papers that I will save, never know when you can glue that down but all this stuff on the Internet?  it changes over so fast that what you think is important just shot out the back door that it's a good thing to clean house or clutter.  Not sure if this will solve the problem whole heartily but it's try. 

it was one of those morning when I want to just walk away from the GRID as they call it.. Was there life with out computers..sure there was and I do remember living on of those..Never had a computer till I moved in to this house and I think my oldest was 3 or 4 so that's been about 23 years that I've been learning how to pluck on keys...Our first computer was a blue light special from Kmart and I think it's up in Wisconsin now with My husband's Auntie Sharon, who uses it.. too funny.

Well I was a bit cranky about the whole deal of not being able to post a photo but for good reason...I was forced to do some clutter cleaning..

well off to shower and get ready for the workshop...I'm excited. 


  1. I am so sad that you had to delete all those tutorials. I loved those and referred to them often. I had no idea that you could overload a blog like that but I guess anything is possible.


  2. I have the same sentiments as Roberta. I hope you copied your tutorial pages because your's were the best I've found so far online and it was through another blog (which I'm sorry I can't remember the name of at the moment). Maybe you could set up another blog consisting of only your tutorials. Another :( Nevertheless, I will still check in everyday to see what you're up to. :)

  3. Sorry folks...It might be time to look at the idea a bit more that's been tossed out there but never really taken shape and that would be a book of what I do...nothing special but I will have to take a look at it this coming year.. could self pulish it..
    The blog that I register is connected with my other blogs I keep track of for different art groups so to start another wouldn't work all connected...nothing last forever

  4. Bummer about reaching photo limits. Made me wonder if I am close ? Will check.
    But as you say, reaching the limits allows for some purging, which is always good and brings new space and air...
    No need to every apologize for a house so filled with love and creativity. No one is looking at the nose smudges on the windows when they have so many other things to enjoy. My house is so very much the same ! Three kitties and a yellow lab make their home with us, and having them here is worth the dust bunnies and constant hair on every piece of clothing I own.
    Thank you for sharing bits of your life so well lived, Laura.


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