Tuesday, September 11, 2012

sharing another video from Ceramic artist

When I was playing around yesterday or was that two days ago?...can't remember now such a blurr..any ways I was on You tube and here is an artist that I know and have spoken with many times

Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi

I post this because there was something she said in this video that I feel very strongly about and now I understand...and it has to do with establishing your own style or Voice in your work...I continually fight with the new magazines that come out and I purposely don't buy them because I don't want to be influence by then and deter from my own inner ideas and creative process...

Well this is all I have today..must go to the woods...I'm late...wanted to get out early but the things you do for love...(daughter to the train this morning.)


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Laura thanks for posting! Wow I feel honored. It is always a great feeling when another artist can connect with your words and actually give them a bigger voice, so thanks!

  2. What's wild about listening to you share was I connected to the part of not being influnecne by others works and finding you self in your own work...may not be your words but that's what I gathered by it..and feel strongly about it..not that one can't be inspired by outside influences but the stuff that really stirs the soul in the individual and not the stuff everyone else is doing.. like jumping on the next technique coming out..got to watch that or you'll be buying up the store...I know I have so many ideas floating around that I now know how to bring to life because I've done with other works that I just need the time to do it...come on Time!


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