Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ran about yesterday

Getting a late start but for a good reason....had to do some listening to the young adults in the house and drop off one at the train...also submitted some work for a competition and that takes a bit of time to make sure your sending it the right way as of size and the way it needs to be listed etc.

I plan on being the studio all day and watch a movie. 

I was picking up movies for the know the things you do extra for love... so while I was in there I see this trailer and asked the movie clerk if they had it...sure we do 1 I snagged that up and now I'm planning on watching it in the studio today...Thursdays seem to be the day I can be in the studio with out a fight or shall I say as the week goes by it has been the day that is open for me..

So Looking forward to it as yesterday I finished up the almost last of the details of clean from Outdoor studio exhibit...need to take the sandwich boards back the art league tomorrow so then it will be final. 

Well I think you get the picture got to fill the well with new inspiration and some play time then work can come later..

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  1. I enjoyed the goofiness of the movie and I'm happy I watched it while cleaning my studio.


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