Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Raising the Tents today

The husband just left early this morning for Springfield, one of his favorite Uncles passed away...so I'm watching my mother in laws dog so that she can be down there too..so my heart is with them all today...it's going to be a tough one, as I said before he was one of the good guys...Carpenter from the old school and one that would lend a hand any time...but didn't put up with money business, that he couldn't be a joyful guy..just had the good old fashion morals and values...So it good that I'm busy or I'd be going stir crazy here...the tents go up today but the Outdoor studio Exhibit isn't till Friday...but with having an outdoor exhibit I'm at the mercy of the weather and on top of it I don't have to rush putting them up...I'm at Home!! thank God...all the other times with exhibits it's a rush because you have to unload everything and go park the vehicle or you have to haul in your stuff over some rough areas...all is save here..

I would like to have them set up today because I have to travel to Barrington tomorrow to pick up three piece of work...only day...juggling it but a road trip might be nice...stop and have lunch and then head on back maybe..

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  1. Wishing you good luck with the event Laura.


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