Saturday, September 15, 2012

One of the best days

Nothing really different then most but it was one of those days that I really felt like I put my needs firsts...

I did the dishes and got a few loads of laundry going and after my morning meditation time and headed out to the art league to drop off the display panels.  I also need to hang my sample pieces for the workshop I'll be teaching at the art league in October.  Left my postcards for the counter for the upcoming solo exhibit I'll be having and picked up my labels for the postcards from the art league of there B list of customers to add to my list of people I'll be sending out and the best part of that was chatting with Nancy the framer...we have a routine of chatting on Fridays when I would teach there so I made sure I returned all this on Friday so I could have a chat with her...just some simple venting but it feels so good to have someone understand you and the changes life presents to us... feeling good about that I headed walk the four legged loves of mine...and so enjoyed it..thinking all the time that I wanted to burn the pile of dried brush and weed and turn the soil over around my back patio.  And that's just what I did..after finishing that around 2:00 in the afternoon I was getting a bit hungry so I chopped up some veggies and saute them in a little olive oil and throw in some shrimp and cut up a nice golden apple.  Sat my behind out on the patio and enjoyed my lunch. 

Then it was time to head to the studio...

 been working on the papers the last few days.
The small 12 x 12 which is called a Calm Center is the composition I'm working off of.  Of course the papers are different and it's about 36 x 36 now..but it really is coming together and I'm so enjoying this whole process of using my own work as a reference. The thing that I think about is allowing it to change if need be.

Well while I was working outside I remember that the newspaper had the movies and I looked at the Tivioli listing and see that The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was playing..thinking to myself...Maybe I'll go tonight but it might be nice to go out with the Husband or maybe I'll invite my Mother in Law.  Well before I know it the husband came home while I was up stairs in the studio and I looked down over the landing and said Hi and asked if he would be interested in seeing a movie tonight? and I told him what was playing and he said Yes he had wanted to see this movie.  I know my Australia Friend Uta shared a while back that it was a good movie and I've been wanting to see it so here is the opportunity..

We both got ourselves cleaned up and head off on the motorcycle..watched the movie had some popcorn and enjoy the organ player at the Tivioli too..

Oh to have more days like that...thing is the attitude I had about going into the day was what was different them most... 

If I may pull from the book- Happier at Home, by Gretchn Rubin..

There's no one right way to happiness, but only the way that's right for a particular person-which is why mindfulness matters so much to happiness.  To be happier, I have to notice what I'm doing, and why, and how it makes me feel. Research suggests that mindful people tend to be happier, and more likely to feel self confident and grateful and less likely to feel anxious or depressed, and have heightened self-knowledge. 

Now I just read this, this morning and it was like Aha moment... being mindful.  There's also a tid- bit...
When I acknowledged my true likes and dislikes, instead of being distracted by what I wished I liked or thought I ought to like...(this is something that outside influences need to take a walk about with...I really am enjoying this read.) 

Another sentences...I can build a happy life only on the foundation of my own nature... this sentence has such empowerment for me as of sit back and fill the well with the likes and discard the dislikes and work with that build on the happy of my own true nature...

Ok after putting out for the last couple of weeks with all the Outdoor exhibit stuff my well had run dry so now I will up and soak up like a sponge...expand and contract  or ebb and flow, tide in and tide out all apart of the as I ramble about making sense of it all it was one of the best days in along time...Letting go of the in the one movie  "the Love Guide" 



  1. What a wonderful day! I watched the movie trailer. Will definitely add it to my list of movies to watch.

  2. It's a great movie..hits home on a couple of different levels.


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