Thursday, September 27, 2012

Listened to my horoscope

 So here is a gallery in Michigan City, Lubeznik Center for the Arts, I received a few emails that spurred this road trip out of the blue. One of them was about this Center and a fund raiser..did some snooping around and saw that it might be a possible place to present a collage workshop. The other email was my Horoscope and it suggested I do something exciting for my future and to help me on my way of reaching some personal goals.  Now I don't know about the personal goals but that I do enjoy greatly teaching the workshops and seeing other know little road trips as such.
I am in awe of this exhibit..I think even if you don't like fish you would be..I related to them on many levels. as the repetitiveness of the skeleton bones of the ribs and the spine and the shapes of intertwined and the black white and gray of them. Just a very beautiful exhibit. ( one knows I love the stacking aspect of anything, why have one how about twenty stacked and see the impact of that.)
 thought this was cute..
 Well with the fish theme carried out into the hall and on to the next exhibit upstairs..I just love this one with the wire looks like a blue gill shape.

 I headed up stairs to see the watercolor exhibit by Sue Sommers fish tales,  Awesome I love the movement the watercolor medium adds to the subject know really giving the idea that you looking in the water at them as the move by. Not able to see them so clearly as if they were out of the water but still the detail is there. Made me very happy to see it that I bought her little soft cover book..

 I also love the idea of the image being broken up but still whole...hmm...there goes the ideas in the head.  I've done a few collage a while back like this,well not with fish but collage papers. Still love them and the effect they create.

 Had to take few picture out side..

Then on the way up as I come into the Michigan City area which is so great right off the lake by Indiana dunes...I drive by this. is it a nuke thing or a place where the burn stuff off or what?  It really is a shape I don't like to see..try to keep my eye's on the beauty not the concrete shape and what it might represent. 


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