Sunday, September 30, 2012

Early start this morning

So I did head back out to the woods...I know some many say aren't you crazy but that woods is my place to go for peace, serenity and a few conversation with the good old dude.. funny though how it could hinder my thoughts.  I did say a prayer for the guy as I do hope that he can find some help in his life or better happiest then that. 

Thanks all for you response and concerns it was so comforting. Even the husband knows how special walking in the woods are for me....he said that kind of wrecks the whole reason your out there, but remember that's a 1% er of the what is bad and there's so much more that is good and offer to walk with me but I really felt it was OK to do it alone.

(hold on Hot flash..need to take my morning sweater off)    I did share with him about what if it was a woman that was out there exposing herself,  in our society that might be taking as "hey babe, come on over and lets have some fun"  and it wouldn't probably be seen as a sickness or is it a sickness?  as for the male side of things could it be more normal then we think? this isn't the first of heard of it and probably won't be the last..still I don't see the purpose.. it doesn't make sense and I try to figure it out I might be going in to place I don't want to or have time to go. So letting it be and only asking what am I to be learning by all this.

I might carry pocket knife and make sure I do carry my phone and as the woman photographer said to get a whistle...that's not expected to be heard when something happens...I use to have a whistle all the time on my key chain till it finally lost it's wooden ball inside..

I used the rest of the day to putter around the house..had me a headache...been getting them off and an on with hormonal imbalances..if you a woman reading this you probably know what I'm talking about.. So by tending to the homestead it always helps me center and calm the inner spirit in me.  I ended up doing the food shopping and cleaning and chopping up the veggies and fruit, then I started the crock pot up and before I knew it I was sitting with legs up in the chair reading few pages in my book, Happier at home..well anyone that knows me, knows when I start reading like that I'm sleeping in about 10 minutes and that's just what I did. (oh hot flash is I'm cold)

It was good to do that because today I hang the show at LaGrange Art League,  I have a plan..but so willing to be flexible with it as I really don't know how it will look.. I'm not one to pull a tape measure as I share in my classes and workshops I'm the one that likes to really move the stuff around in hopes of getting new inspiration on what it really should look like.

I truly am excited about hanging the show. It's been 10 years since the last time I had a one person showing of my for sure has changed a whole heck of a lot.  All I know it is that I wanted to be the best collage artist I could be..and that you know is a constant progressive job, that is to be the best that you can be..always room for a bit more improvement on things.

Well got to get going and start the morning and pack up the so needs a good vacuuming too, with a oil change and the tires to respect the vehicle.  (a bit of rambling...)

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