Sunday, September 23, 2012

A day to be together

After some long morning conversation with the Husband, I see why I love him so. Yesterday we had the day pretty well free. Sometimes on days like this we venture off and see things each differently and come back at the end of the day and share.. but this time the husband offered to come with me and we where going to take the motorcycle but that adventure got to cool too fast. So we took the Transit and venture off out to Barrington, "Art in the Barn" to see how it was set up, and to see a few artist friends there exhibiting their work.  We had a great time wandering around, laughter was heard by us many times. That always feels so good to share that intimacy together, you know inside kind of jokes, not at the expense of anyone but those things that only the both of you know about..

Then we ventured to a Harvest Pow Wow at the Naper Settlement in Naperville, which we had our Fried Bread, but this time we had a Hot Dog Fried bread which was great and just walked around looking at the wares and listening to the drumming and watching the dancers. A very warm community event.  The Husband knows I love turquoise and keep inviting me to look at the jewelry but I really wasn't in the mood to buy. It was great to just be there and witness it all.( I keep thinking I have all that I need, no more)

So this morning we talked over coffee about life and stuff...and how sweet it is to see how the Happiness thing works with out really knewing it.  Small experiement, I've been making sure I really say good bye with a big kiss and hug and when he comes home I make sure I do the same even if he's covered in dried mud from being in the good earth putting pipes together(sewer and water man) and how it came back was this as he said it, "I've been noticing you been a bit down lately and I spent the last two Sundays with my cousin helping him with the Racing Car at the track in Indiana  you know what I can do the same for my wife, so that's why I wanted to take you to these places and help you just be happy in what you wanted to do and spend some time with you."  Wow, that was so specially I had tears coming down my face and had to jump up and give him a big hug and kiss with the words I love you added on.

We needed the time together and it's not about the big things it's the small intimate things. So with this Sunday the homestead is calling to be respected with a good bit of cleaning... which after it I know I'll be nice and happy and ready to go for the new week ahead.  There is a wonderful feeling floating around the house, might even do a bit of creative cooking today too.. 


  1. He's a "keeper"; so are you. I can feel the happiness. hugs.

  2. That is a beautiful post. Happy to be happy.

  3. Thanks Roberta and April

  4. Woof! Great story. Wishing you many more such days. And nights.


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