Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photo's from Day Two-Intutive Collage-Naperville Art League

 Jill is working on her second small exercise square. Keeping notes as she goes along. Never know what I'm going to share so good idea.. hahaha..

 Using some of my left over scraps and four more watercolor squares we are working through the new techniques of the tack iron and image transfers..Mona showing her piece there.
 Maritza, has honored me with showing her book that she has made from the classes she has taken from my classes.  So here she as put her sqaures in her book for reference.

 Aleta, is working on her third sqaure...I had them start off in a couple of different to say approaching the white surface if you don't have a reference like a photo or still life in front of you...pulling from the intutive self and exploring that side of creativity.

Mike is having a great time what can I say...Like a fish to water. 

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