Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Checking off what's done

This morning I had to look and see what has been done so far...I've got a workshop coming up the end of next week.(need to pack and get prepared like printing the packet etc.) I've create a piece for a invitation to a new art book that won't be out till the December 2013..which at this point I have to be hush, hush about, kind of cool and I've worked with my Web Master/techie woman in the homestead here on making up postcards and such for my Outdoor Studio Exhibit come up so quickly.. early September. Now I've got to have her work on a Postcard for the Solo Exhibit-October I'm having at LaGrange Art League...

Void what Void?

 Here I get all worried and anxiety torn about what's going to happen when I'm not teaching classes..(silly thing is I made this choice to take the break)  That right now I wouldn't have time to do it and really have anxiety about it...(back to me making sure it's perfect thinking...) but just par for the course of trying to run a independent business/career...You just want to make sure your doing all that you can do...

So with all that needs to get done, This year I also have time to create a calendar of the Tack Down Tuesday's before my Outdoor Studio Exhibit and have them I'll hopeful be working on that this week so it's here in time.

Last night I sat and pulled the brain cells out which is really hard to do in the evening hours..but I did it and up loaded a few new image to the website and made some changes with the events/news as of what is coming up etc. (still some tweaking to do)  I have to say I felt very empowered to be in the HTML of the site and working behind the scenes...I was like.. "Yes that's right! I can do that,  can't I?"

Now ask me to set up a site from scratch? Nooo way...  but get behind the scenes and add and subtract image..sure can..almost lost something and was able to look at the patterns that are created with the html and see it was a slip of one word that distorted the whole wild.

Different topic...
Yesterday I checked on line to see when the West Suburban Community Pantry was open so I could drop off the check from the Creative Prayer Flags Project.  What I saw was the amount of items-food and extra that 360.00 would purchase for the food pantry..and with some added personal Donations My youngest daughter and I headed up there about 9:30 am.  When we got there I was in awe..and rightly so..I think my good orderly direction (GOD) wanted me to see what was going on.. People every where, waiting in line, sitting in side in air conditioner waiting to talk to the woman at the desk and the people buzzing around with name tags helping other people gather food and misc. items. In awe and totally amazed at people helping people.  Jake my son who works at one of our local Jewels shared that a Guy comes in almost everyday and gathers up 60 gallons of milk for the pantry... My daughter Bernie that came with me shared while she was waiting outside for me commented that the people that were waiting were all excited that they were getting whole organic foods...they were delighted..

So the 360.00 purchases 1 ton in food and misc items for the pantry..think about that..1 ton worth of food... A friend of mine last year decided to send in money in name of all her family members for Christmas as a personal donation give by them to keep giving to others.. I actually am thinking about that too, at this point I really don't want to be purchasing toys and stuff others really don't need or use but this would be the gift that keeps on giving...Family members may not like it but heck  I just might do it any ways...I end up making myself sick trying to figure out what to buy them, especially when you don't see them at all for a whole year.  

Well now to continue with the grid or game plan for the week..out to the woods and maybe cut the lawn before it's too tall to cut...with the rain coming it might be a good idea..

Number 6 in a series of 36 x 36's,

I torn the deep blue pieces of tissue paper and then I got out my trusty sewing machine and sewed them back together which created a great effect and with the raw umber glazing it toned it down a bit because I used white thread.. well off to tend  a great to do list today and in hopes for more creating later..

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  1. Void -no, no void. I can hear the excitement of all the things planned here. Funny, as I said, I have thought of this...the being home creating. I can't wait to go along on your progress. Wishing wonderful days, Laura, and they will be because you make them that way.


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