Sunday, July 08, 2012

The sounds of Thunderbeings

I'm sitting outside this morning, to a more normal morning. The breeze is heavenly compared to the last few days. There is a sound of rolling thunder though, that's right the thunderbeings are coming, as I was taught they have the power to give life and take life. Need to respect them. we need the rain so badly like most of us in the United States. I'm grateful that the Husband gave me a hand and we set up the studio space for the Creative Prayer Flags Workshop. Just in case the rain comes early. I won't be caught in the down pour but the students may have a run in. It will be a good day for creating too. Amazing the sounds I'm hearing. I'm going to share a bit more from Flora Bowley's book, Brave Intuitive Painting. Your Going Edge As forgiving as the process is, it does not mean you art-making journey will always be smooth and easy. Undoubtedly there will be many times in the creative process when you bump up against a wall, get pushed out of your comfort zone, or simply feel stuck. These uncomfortable moemnts are an absolutely natural and important part of the creative journey. When you hit these so-called walls, you are forced to either evolve or retract. I call this place you growing edge. It's not always a comfortable place to be, but it is a potent and vital part of your growth as an artist. Embrace these challenging moments as opportunities to step back, reevaluate, and grow in new directions-directions you never could have imagined before you got stuck. Be gentle with yourself and know that each and every time you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, you are in the perfect position to have a breakthough. By moving through these difficult moments, you create new layers of depth in your painting and in yourself. Trust your intuition, stay focused on the journey, and allow your paintings to reveal themselves only when they are ready. Just loving some of Flora thoughts on the process, she shares more about the process of materials and color etc. Loving the tidbits here though. Well, time to get a move on things as of pack up a lunch and the last minute stuff. Creative Prayer Flags Workshop today!!!


  1. Loved the rain and thunder this morning too, Laura...and oh, how i wish i could be with you in your workshop today.

  2. We still have no rain. No storm. No green. Severe drought is all I see. Dead grass, dying flowers and even some trees. I will have extreme gratitude for any rain that decides to bless our soil.

    Good post on creativity and process. Good luck on the workshop.

  3. well, this is certainly a perfect post for me right now...feeling adrift and lost right now.. trying to find my footing again.. your words are very thought provoking.. and inspiring.

  4. Well we were all noise and no show for the rain on this side of town April..glad to hear someone is getting some rain..we all need it.

  5. Thanks Donna, I'm finding Flora Bowley words helpful in her new book, though I dont' paint I do paint on the papers before hand but the through and reflective info in the book is helpful to me.


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