Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday and a new week ahead

National Geographic Magazines in my home are used in my art but this issue caught my eye, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Rebirth of a Sioux Nation.  Have you ever had some thing you latched on to and no matter what was said about it you gravitate to it and wanted to find out as much as you can about it?  We if not then I might be the only one but, Native Americans have always interested me.  I'm told I'm from Polish and Bohemian descent but did a search a while back and family genealogy says there might be some Russian and Scottish action in there as of the name Lein is a Scottish name and the Lein's in my family might have come from Russia...How knows  some day I many find out more about it...but I've always been a lover of the land and her living and breathing creatures. 

Playing in the back yard I remember being the Indian's and living off the land and hunting the favorite show was watch while wanting for my mom to pick me up for a Sunday visitations (parents divorced and I saw my mom on Sunday's)  I would watch reruns of the Lone Ranger..too fun any ways where am I going with this..

Oh yes...I remember now,  I took a class Called Myths and Visions at our local community college and the book you had to by was Black Elk Speaks...awesome book to read and discuss especially with a Lakota Medicine man as you teacher. But I remember reading about the Rustling trees and how special they are.  We have a few on our block here and when I sit outside I can hear them moving even the slightest windy day.. the shape of there leaves allow them to do that..Did you every pay attention to the shape of a trees leave and how that shape is effected by the's almost like they have their own style of movement.

OK so there I go again trailing off.  The Cottonwood tree has always been something I was attracted to even in my youth but now after reading the book and then reading this article I know way.

Perhaps you have noticed that even in the very lightest
 breeze you can hear the voice
of the cottonwood tree;
This We Understand is its prayer to the
Great Spirit,
for not only men, but all things and all beings pray
 to him continually in differing ways.

Black Elk, ca 1863-1950

Before the heat of the day is upon us I'm heading to the woods for my medicine and meditations, We have a birthday party tonight..Our youngest, Twins, Jake and Bernie will be 21 tomorrow, but the party is tonight as that is when everyone can be off to start the day...

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  1. Hope you found that medicine in the woods!


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