Sunday, July 29, 2012

LaGrange Art League-Creative Prayer Flags Project

 Quick refresher...donated sheets..some of the members of the project, sewed the flap over and cut to size..Our size we picked was 6 x 10 inches
 All good thoughts for the good earth, people and area's of change when it this, with all kinds of art mediums.
 Buttons, printing and fiber are a few..
 Tim here Cheryl's boyfriend check the height of the hanging so we had it high enough.

Three rows outside and two rows inside.

I've got "it" don't I..hahaha..


  1. Great flags. They are fun to make and fun to hang.

  2. Glad to see the courtyard pictures! Lkely not get out to see in person! Looks like a great hanging day!

  3. The hanging was a process and had no idea what we were getting into as the other members jumped in and started string them together...I read your are to think of only good thoughts when do this and as you hang them too so that you can continue the process of a prayerful moment.


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