Saturday, July 21, 2012

A new old bike

I so badly wanted the husband to fix his old bike...he looked so cool on it, in fact quite hot if I can say that about the white haired guy.. but today he's scouting out some used baggers, or as the People on his man sites call Road Couches.  So I don't know what he's going to do..needs to look at it, 1996, then he says he parting and selling out all the old stuff he has in the garage...well that will be something if that happens.. we are both collects of discard stuff others don't want and its hard to get rid of our stuff..has to be the right person.  Their out there a bit rare but their out there so...that could be in store for us today..well more him then me.  I've been itching to tend to the yard and since I'm all sweaty from walking the four legged loves I'm thinking on busten a move to the front year and trimming the dried leaves off some of the plants and tackling a bit of the weeds that have been let go.

Then shower and to the studio later.

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