Monday, June 11, 2012

thankful the weekend has ended

This morning I woke up and headed out side to sit in the back yard where I can see my new sculpture and enjoy the morning before the sun begins to rise. I have my coffee, pen and journal, candles are lite and there's a soft breeze. I begin to write and all that come out is thankfulness, that the weekend has passed and I made it through. The spot that my tent was in didn't receive any shade for the big tree till about 2:30 or 3:00 and the tents right next to each other limited the amount of breeze coming through.  I stayed in the back of my tent under the lean to I made with my back side of the tent and my display panels.. lots of water, I mean lots of water. Sounds crazy but I didn't have to go the bathroom I think I sweat it out before hand...Natural Detox is what I was saying to myself.

Sales where pretty good on Saturday for me and Zippo on Sunday but thankful all art is save, and not one's tent got blown away. We are all safe..seems to be the concern when there's pending rain or high winds. I was also thankful that the husband comes and helps me take the end of the weekend I'm wiped..I'm debating if this will be my last year doing Art Fairs and I might just stick close to home and do them in my Drive way...I can do it three times a year but I probably won't and stick to the September time when our City of Darien has the Fest. 

I have to say the abuse that effects the body these days as I finish up the show...oh I hate to say it but getting a bit to old for this.. as I think about it I don't want to wreak anything so much so that I'm damage for life. I have to say lifting the heavy bins with framed artwork has put a retain on my hands...don't know why but there all having a hard time bending this morning.. Still I'm grateful for the experience and that it's past.  It's not an easy job to set up camp for the weekend with our artwork...

Well I have a ton of things to do today and still need to unload the Transit with artwork and put stuff away.. would like to do that before the weather changes...Then I'll be riding into Elmhurst with an artist friend April to see Jonathan Talbot...he'll be in Elmhurst tonight giving a small demo and presentation as a very small craft and stamp place...hope we can fit in..

As I sat in the booth all I wanted to do is be in my studio creating..terrible right but being around all the creative juices and art work...could help the urge to want to be there.

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  1. Laura, I attended a Jonathan Talbot workshop here on the Oregon coast last month and he mentioned you and your work. Great workshop and I learned a lot. Have fun this evening and say hello to him from me (not that he'll remember me -- I was the jet-lagged zombie in Oregon). --Carol Leigh


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