Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ok I did it

Some how I fumbled around and got it it's filling a need to collect in me from so long ago...I think it's a woman thing but then not in my house it's a family thing. Pinterest it's  collection of images..oh I've been sucked in..feeding my visual junkiness...hahaha well I'm not sure how it all works just yet but best get going on the day...would like to spend most of it in the studio but I have to get ready for the one day (sub) UrbanArtWalk in Naperville so need to get my act together on that..

Had a nice visit with a friend that came in from North Caroline yesterday, don't know what it is but always can see and think clearer when she's around...


  1. I LOVE Pinterest Laura!!! It's a collection of pure eye candy for me!

  2. still trying to figure it all out, but I'm enjoying the images.. or eye candy as you say.


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