Friday, June 08, 2012

a good read and bit of the woods

I'm not a fast reader in fact I'm kind of slow and I want to read faster..but my dyslexia won't let me.  I have to say her writing Marianne Williamson is a nice read, I'm on chapter three already and have it underlined all over the place..she asks some great question about the next phase of life or the New Midlife...seems this book was written in 2008 but it could have been written yesterday.. I'm right where I need to be and reading this.. along with the other 5 books I seem to be chucking long at scattered brain...well just thought to pass this on..spiritual and thought provoking.. a good place to be.

Yesterday after spending a blissful morning into the early afternoon I when to the local pop-up garden shop by our bowling alley parking lot and bought some flowers..Annuals..which I don't really buy I'm a perennial girl. So I treated myself to some flowers because I had a few empty pots at home and I thought with the gardening I was doing all morning I'll just that flow of energy into creating some pots for the booth this weekend was was a great idea and so I venture over...I found two False blue indigo plants.  Well I would have bought all of them but didn't..just two to get started.  I had wanted the white but the blue will good for now.. When I went to check out there was a table full of small little plants and I could help myself...this is  Pilea style plant ...and it was part of a Fairy garden theme..I thought of my friend April and her little fairy garden this better then Gnomes...but the tiny little green precious I will set this on my counter top/podium along with my rack special to me take the woods where every I go. Awesome.

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