Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keeping it going on..

Monday's are always very busy for me after the weekend, it's starting the new week of work and all the other activities that need to be attend too.  I  had my book club yesterday and we seem to be not so interested in the Creative is a Verb...some thing happen.  I think it's because all of gals are all ready highly creative..not that book isn't a good read, its more like we've been there and done that.  So our one member came up with an idea and it sounds like a great one..we are to do some research about  Inspiration...pulling from what ever resources we can find, taking snippets and notes and bring it back for discussion...We all seem to agree on this style  of Book Club meeting. What's so exciting is that someone else is taking the lead and that's really a good thing.

Sitting outside this morning. Thinking about a few things too. I'll be heading out this weekend for the week long workshop up in Northern Wisconsin, my cousin is coming along and we should have a grand time.  I'm not all packed yet but soon.

I dropped off my two big piece to my art curator Melissa and that felt really good, though I had wanted to give her four pieces. I'm not wonder woman like I thought.. I just couldn't pull any more time out of my day to do it let alone be awake to do it.. so it's as good as it gets and it's enough for now.

On the way home I stopped off at the Blick Art Materials to pick a few things and treat myself to a few more big canvas for the collages.  And as I was walking around I seen the back space set up with tables and how cool it that I thought not to far away from home for a one day workshop..the flood of ideas started up and while I was checking out I was pitching my workshop to them.. and it was pretty cool, as I got back in my transit,  I was in a bit of realization that I just did that.. but the door was opened and left open for me to work with. Reaching out and taking a risk.

This week I was offered a opportunity to teach at a local library but I passed on it..I've got to keep looking at my time and what it involves and is it worth it for me to go through.. Especially if I'm being pulled to be in the studio making more art...hard to do both.

Well trying to stay away from the computer...even though I like it and I do heck of a whole lot of business on it and through it must live a life too. Off and out to walk.

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