Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 3 This is when the fun really starts-Dillman's May 2012

 Morning walk over to the Studio, here is my cabin, On the first floor in the back which faces the lake. Not to buggie and just great weather.
 Right were I was standing I turned and there is the main lodge, studio space in the lower level.
Every morning we have been warming up to doing 4 quick magazine collage sketch in our sketch books. Here's a quick glance at them.

 After our warm up we moved into making the stained tissue papers. They have to lay flat to dry.

 Jill is modeling the proper string cutting technique for the stained string tissue papers.
Pamela is about to move her paper over to the floor but you can see the very interesting papers she is making, nice color too.

 While our papers were drying and a good lunch break...seems the teacher is cracking the whip...we all needed a break though...working really hard in this workshop. We began the with a collage exercise of simple compositional layout.. top is Vertical, middle is Horizontal and the last one is a gesture line.
I'm showing my three little demo piece you to all now and will take picture of everyone Else's today..
First one is the gesture, second in line is the horizontal, and the last is a vertical...sometimes the composition becomes a little bit of both, its a place to start on the white surface.. as I call it...a place of introduction.


  1. Interesting to see your process Laura... love your work.

  2. thank Jo...I personal like to work the student's up to the main process and being we were all learning about composition I started with the basic and went from there...I believe they were able to latch on to it.


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