Saturday, May 05, 2012


To embrace balance, we must be willing to flow from one phase of life into the next without leaving a portion of our attention fixed on what was or what is to be.

Totally letting go and trusting in the unknown, not being weighted down by our past or worried about a future.. being present and accepting of

1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
2. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.
4. a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
5. an instrument for determining weight, typically by the equilibrium of a bar with a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a scale or pan, one holding an object of known weight, and the other holding the object to be weighed.
Some how in the span of our lives we might wake up to the need to find balance.
So many things can knock me off balance and so easily too. 
1. food, to much of a good thing will set off a change of events in my body that will for sure knock me off balance.
2. Thinking poorly or with distorted thinking will set a heavy load of stinking thinking and I know I don't have to go any where but sit with myself with that one and be lost in the muck of it all.
3. The company we keep, friends, family, and coworkers can effect our well being and create a sense of unbalance if we are aware.
4. Injustice to our planet, and fellow man on and off of work
5. Greed- to have more and more
I bring this topic up only because it's a continual state of working out and towards for me. And I think that most mature human being seek to find it more often but getting caught up on someone else ideas of balance or "life should be this way"  is it our society-visual-marketing scam that makes us believe that this is the life you should have?  When in fact as we/humans and myself tend to fall prey to this and get out of balance and contiuely question and ask what the heck just happened.  
Does one go out of balance to the extreme of fear so that none of this happens?
Now the question is that I ask myself and there a person in your life that you feel carries themselves in a balanced way? What is it that they do?
The word pops up to me...Inter independent, being independent on the effects around them and making choices for the well being of them self  on what is best for them. Not separate but knowing what works and working that in their lives...letting go of what is fed in by the mainstream of our over stimulated lifestyles.  I know this could be talked about in many different ways which I would love to hear what anyone has to say about it.
Seeking balance in my life is a job in itself.  What has helped me keep some balance?
Staying in the now..what is real...trying to look at the bigger picture, not comparing (always a tuff one to let go of) seeking guidance from something bigger then myself. Journal writing, walking, gardening, family, friends interaction with good people and creating.. I'm not always like this but I strive to work towards a balanced life as much as possible.


  1. Sometimes I feel the harder I try to stay within the centered area that provides balance, the further off one end I start wandering.
    I turn off media outlets, no news for the most part, try and enjoy the little things on my acre, clear the brain (well, it's been doing a pretty good job of just doing a memory dump for me, and not when it should!).
    I think balance is very hard.
    Some people may exhibit the characteristics, but I wonder...inside....what are they like?
    No answers...just questions...


  2. Oh to have balance of balance...trying too hard can be out of balance too...gotcha and understand on that one Anne

    There are examples I see in people that I gravitate more to when I see that have a inner calmness. I would like to make a goal to get there some said a while back..I know I will be I may be too old to know or lost my knowledge of it that I'm in that state of calm and balance. too funny got to watch out what you wish for....No brainer mode.. to early.


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