Monday, May 28, 2012

Back home and found my stacking rocks

It's Monday morning and Memorial Day, I got in around 12:30ish from the trip in Wisconsin. I road down to Montello to see my parents, spent the night and then hit the road in the morning before the heat and traffic started.  But before I stopped at my parents cousin Doris and I visited the International Crane Foundation. I always receive a spiritual boost when I visit there and see this beautiful winged creatures. On the way out I spotted the stacking rock...tempted but said no to myself. Went back the vehicle and than changed my mind..My cousin must of thought I was crazy..but she went along with it and we joked about it. We both have a rock thing as of collecting them all kinds.. Just Call us Rock Mama's.. or Stone Queens.  We even saw a sign just for us...For Sale..Collections. And Rocks was the first word stated at the top...we didn't stop but got a good laugh from that.

The week long workshop experience was wonderful, work for me but wonderful.  I know I worked the group of women hard. but their tough and produced some great works.  I hope they were able to grasp the concept of it all and continue of the feel the calling to.

This morning I'm not moving none to fast..relaxing back into the homestead. The dogs and cat are at my four legged loves.  Everyone is happy.  The husband took a ride to Savannah IL for a music and motorcycle fest but got lost and road over 500 miles on his suspension on it...a bit sore today but I'm so glad he was able to do it...good to get away and experience new things. A bit burn  on the face and had the wonderful Fonzie Look to him with the wind blown duck tail hair do. 
So with the holiday today...I would like to get back into my studio and create my two tack down tuesday's.. Tomorrow is two or not sure what will come from it as of inspired by the whole week and all.

To the Stacking rock...Can't wait till next year!!! Nice article to read about Dillman's

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