Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well it's Thursday

I can ramble about the list of things to do and then the idea of visiting a museum this morning popped in..and I'm not sure what direction to head in..So many things to get a move on and I'm hitting a wall of resistant and wanting to go play hooky and fill the mind, body and soul with it a day of running away or an artist date...Not sure yet but one is needed.  Learning to balance ones life is a full time job all in itself. When this kind of thinking steps in it's time to get to the mundane so I can stay sane..I've got some clearing out of some spaces I must do and don't want to.. I feel like I have one day and need to do it all in this one day...Excitement of so many things and with spring and getting back into a long light of the days...lets say I feel flood with life and all the opportunities...rambling as I do I'm just making a daily post... time to keep it moving.

Kluck, Kluck purse..with hand made book,
The classes I'm part of at RB are working well.  I know that not every student is going to be moved by the art medium of collage but some how in two of the classes they are and it's really amazing to see what they are doing.. I even went into the Sculpture class and talked about assemblage art and brought in my skate boards and some misc. piece I had left...because all the others are at the Indian Prairie Library on display this month.

The Kluck, Kluck purse was done a while ago with the Midwest Collage Society project for a show we did at the Tall Grass Artist Assoc. Gallery in Park Forest IL...that is a beautiful gallery and we had an awesome show...but the purses were done with everyone bring in a purse either their own they wanted to get rid of or a resale find and we put numbers on them and laid them in the middle of the floor and then we all picked a number and that's the purse we had to work with in the assemblage.. and I used a old playskool block as a base and then a cutting board for bread/grid and another playskool block and the purse with the chicken made from mat board and the papers are old book pages but this went with another series I did..

 The Hatching
 I egg
 II eggs
 III eggs
 Kurka II(Ukrainian for Chicken)

This was done on a skateboard a while fact this series I have most of them left, not a big interest as of the colors and chickens..but the skateboard was sold out at the Genvea Fine Art Fair to a fine family.. Van Drill-Beers for there Kitchen... Now I've gotten myself sidetrack which usually happens but just thought to share this older series of mine and I had great fun making the handmade papers and collaging them with the story of collage artist coming together for an art retreat..written in Ukrainian words about the experience all good feelings. 

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