Monday, April 09, 2012

Stacks and stacks

I've got a thing for paper and I've had that along time...I can remember the touch of the color book page and the smell too..My hands really love the sensual feeling.  And to have a drawing book and flip through the pages, seeing the side view too. Funny how some thing you just gravitate to isn't it?  or is it just me... I've got the junkie mind I know I've got to have it things stacked and piled, it just excite me.

So with that I've been little by little making my papers between all the other opportunities that have come in and trying to juggle it all...when it rains it pours as they say..and it's pouring and I've got to stay moving step by step toward working on these four piece...I feel the pressure..but I know that projecting what is go happen in this day, in fact all of into this one day is way too much  to handle for anyone so...small steps and proudly it's happening papers are being made and color will go on the gesso side today..

I hope every ones holiday was good and renewing to see family and friends or just nice to be present in the day..


  1. I ♥LUV♥ paper and books. I mean--WAY TOO MUCH. I have stacks and stacks and when the studio really starts getting picked up, I have some decisions to make.
    I too love all the different textures and colors of paper from books~~some old books yielding remarkably white pages due to the quality of materials it was made from.
    And here, I thought it was JUST ME... :-)
    Have a GOOD day!!!


  2. No Anne there's a whole secret group of us out here that love to stack and see stacked things..


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