Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day of Rest

I've been puttering around this morning moving slower then normal and rightly so, just finished two weeks of 1 day workshops, LaGrange and Crystal Lake.  I have to say that all the students were very successful in accomplishing a wonderful 8 x 8 collage with more to work with later. 

 This is inside the Creative Artistry School of Fine Art, Julie with head down left side, Amber the director and Scott are all teacher there and they too the workshop too.
 Pam up front, Carol and Pat then on the back table is Kathy, Lenora, April and Lezlie. I had them hopping all morning long I probably put a good mile in of walking. Well at this point after taking two picture, one can't think of everything..Batteries died so this is all I got of the workshop so I'm hoping the group share's the collage on Face Book or emails me them.

All right this the new tool I purchased to use in the workshops, it's cut down on the drying time. Yes that's what I said it allow the polymers to be spread on thin and dry faster instead of using the brush and a lot of hair dryers and the time that goes into drying the papers...we were able to accomplish a heck of whole lot more creative time make the collages. So where I purchased them from on line is Schweeppe Professional kitchenware of life

Well now I'll be putting away supplies and getting all my bubble wrap and boxes ready to take down a show at the Darien, Indian Prairie Public Library today. Then on to a new week must finish the second big piece in my selection of 4. 

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