Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Collage Sketch...and facing a fear.

Well now to find some papers that color..No really this is a collage sketch I did to warm up the creative energies in the right way..instead of feeding on fear.  I had my large canvas primed and ready but I've not worked this large in a while..now that's not were the fear is coming from. The fear is coming from me saying "Oh yes I'll make you four larger piece and have them ready by the end of the Month...Well nothing like a bit of hot coals under you hinney... this was suggest by a artist on line friend I sandwich emailed before I started...Goofy as this sounds...when I come to the substrate this is this excitement, anxiety and a level of drama.. and if I don't watch out I'm off some where else looking to create some drama good or bad not good for me to be doing that..so it' good to check in with an other artist type.. Because what I heard was do a magazine collage first of you idea..Duh...I know that but in the heat of anxiety and all the goobley gook I forgot it...After I completed my little collage sketch I went right into my larger piece.  Now I've not tacked any of it down yet...I needed to let it settle and come back into it with come fresh eyes.  So thanks Anne H.L for the nudge forward.

Had to share this...Now you see that this cartoon is with a Man Artist...I know if I made a pie it would have more section for manage the homestead and tending to the property that the homestead is on...plus all the food shopping and misc running around..should I go on?  It was brought up that on most self-employed jobs there is a load to juggle especially if you are the soul one tending to it all..and you don't have your People to help...


  1. I think for most of us, it is a lone road, and yes, we get to juggle all those different things....oy!
    Love the small sketch; has me intrigued for the larger piece.
    It will happen; just breathe in and out! ;-)

    Purveyor Of Unsolicited Wisdom...LOL!

  2. You go girl!!! You can do it.


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