Monday, March 26, 2012

Making a art Jounal 101 session 1

 1. I cut and recycled a board from one of watercolor pad, 9 x 9 and then I grabbed a few sheets of my handmade paper. as you can see it needs to be trimmed down a bit.
 2. Cut the corners and got a inside cover sheet ready. The paper on bottom is already coated with wet glue/mat medium and ready for the next step.
 3. Nothing to fancy here just folding the side in getting a simple corner done.
 4. Completed folded edged and read for the inside cover sheet to go over. I'll put glue/mat medium on the sheet of paper and glue it down.
 5. I have to share I started this on a quick inspiration of I can make this, this afternoon. 
 6. spread the glue on a bit heavy for my handmade papers, one might not need to do that if it was a thinner paper.

7. I lay a sheet of deli paper or you can use wax paper and brayer to make sure you getting a good seal, paper, glue and the surface. I wipe off any extra glue that might come out on the edges with a baby wipe or clean rag.

 8. Here I have an extra piece of handmade paper that is 9" tall and I quickly measure up the size, cut or tear the edges.  I want this art journal to be raw with found papers and like I mentioned not plan or guidelines just winging it.

 9. Here are some found papers.. Australia  I have a friend that lives there she coming in I thought it fitting to add that in. The map tour nicely where the folds were already.

10. Here in this picture I'm finally using my Panera bag.. Cut the bottom off then match to size so at lest it's 9" tall or close if it hangs out I might fold it and make a pocket.

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